We all want to be happy, feel more positive emotions, less negative thoghts and stress. However how to do it? How to free us from Stress and the negativity? That is the question.

Dr David Hawkins shared with us the emotional vibrational scale. There are emotions which vibrate at low frequencies and they are conected with negative thoughts.

We all have Ego but we are not our Ego. We do not need to fight with ourselves and our Ego. We can transcend it. The Ego is addicited to the negativity and makes us believe that we need negative emotions like Fear or Anger. However, Hawkins showed us that thanks to Emotional Liberation, the technique “Let it go” we can release attachment to the past and our image of the past. The past exists only in our mind.

We invite you to receive the individual session, personalized for you.

If you decide so you will experience huge Relief and you can open the door for the new posibilities.

What to do with negativity?